Back to School!

Can you believe that it’s August tomorrow!? Although there are still a few weeks left of Summer, the start of August always seems to be the time when we get excited for cool Autumn days and Back to School! If you haven’t already noticed, Wal-Mart and other local stores have been in Back to School mode for a couple of weeks already: school supply lists are on display, and orange and black attire has hit the shelves.

I grew up in Williston, and for most of my life it was very common to take a trip East on Highway 2 any time we needed to do some major shopping – and especially for Back to School! We’d always leave after Church on a Sunday and make it to our destination by the time stores opened at Noon, armed with our school supply lists and ready to find the best First Day and Picture Day Outfits!

Luckily, Williston has grown a lot since my elementary school years! 😉 There is such a common misconception that Williston cannot offer the shopping opportunities of a larger city, but I’m excited to tell you that is not true!

Everything you need for Back to School at any age can be found right here in Williston. School & Art Supplies, Clothing & Backpacks for your elementary student; Locker Décor for your middle schooler; Technology for your WHS Coyote and everything you could need to make a dorm room home (click here for our Dorm Shopping Guide)!

So, there is really no longer much of a need to drive two hours to shop; and now, our locally owned businesses are making it even easier for you to Shop Local – especially if you want to keep your Sunday shopping tradition alive like I do!

Shop First Sunday allows you to shop on your time, in your town. Your favorite retailers are now opening up the First Sunday of Each Month to give you the chance to shop on your only day off, spend a relaxing afternoon with your family, or just enjoy me time before the start of busy work week!


This weekend is the First Sunday of August, and the perfect time to get a head start on that Back to School shopping! Check out our Facebook event to see a full list of participating businesses and their hours (some will open at Noon, some at 1:00pm). We can’t wait to see you out and about, enjoying your local retailers this Sunday!


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