Lemonade Day

It may have been raining on Saturday morning, but that did not discourage our young entrepreneurs from setting up their stands and proudly serving the Williston community unique blends of lemonade and sweet treats! The Lemonade Day media tour tasted some wonderful flavors, from lemonade with frozen fruit serving as ice cubes to a tangy coconut lemonade. There was no shortage of sweet treats either; we ate our fair share of banana bread, Rice Krispies, cookies, and rhubarb dessert!

The Lemonade Day participants offered excellent customer service and hospitality at each stand. The media tour particularly enjoyed seeing multiple themed costumes, clever lemonade names, and families working together to serve each customer. The kids’ determination to keep their businesses open, rain or shine, made Lemonade Day that much sweeter.

It was amazing to see an increase in participation for Lemonade Day 2018! There were 205 kids registered this year, in comparison to 166 in 2017. Additionally, 68 kids took advantage of the Brand Your Stand feature on the website to put their stands on the map. We hope to see an increase in contest participants as well.

For our young entrepreneurs: now that you have successfully made it through Lemonade Day, don’t put on the breaks quite yet! There are still many contests that all participants can easily enter. The deadline to enter is June 20th.

Best Stand Contest:

Send 2-3 images of your stand on Lemonade Day to lemonadedaywilliston@gmail.com

Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Contest:

Submit your Business Results form on lemonadeday.org/williston and check the box that says “Yes! I want to be entered into the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Contest!”

Most Successful Business Contest:

Submit your Business Results form on lemonadeday.org/williston

Most Creative Business Theme Contest:

Email your pictures to lemonadedaywilliston@gmail.com

Don’t forget to attend the Awards BBQ on June 26th from 4:30-6:30pm at Harmon Park. All attendees will have the chance to win some awesome prizes!

Thank you to our generous sponsors, active parents, and everyone who made Lemonade Day 2018 a great success!




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