Almost Election Time!

One of the privileges of being an American is the right to vote.  We are blessed to live in a county where our government is run by elected representatives.  I would venture further in saying that is more than a privilege – it is our duty to vote for these representatives.  And while not everyone may agree upon who is elected, the important process is there nonetheless.  Come June 12th, just a few short weeks away, are some important elections for our local community.

Being involved in our local elections are just as important for our community as supporting our local businesses.  Therefore, I urge you to get informed and vote and your Chamber is here to help!  The Chamber’s Government Affairs committee in conjunction with the Williston Herald will be hosting forums for voters to get to know some of the candidates in the upcoming elections.  Three forums will be held at the Williston ARC from 6-8pm and will feature those running in races where there are more candidates than open seats.   Please plan to attend one or all of the forums:

  • April 30th – District #1 State Representative – Republican
  • May 1st – District #1 County Commission and City Commission Seats
  • May 3rd – District #1 and District #8 School Board

Questions for the candidates can be submitted online.

To determine your voting district for the County Click Here.

You input your address in the search bar in the top left of the page. It will immediately show you what district you reside in. Then, if you click anywhere on the map it will show a new window that will list your polling location. Scrolling through using the arrows will also display what city limits you are in as well as contact information for your district’s County Commissioner.

Again, our upcoming forums are not for all the races – only those with more candidates than open seats.  We will be hosting more forums in the Fall before the general election.

I think it is wonderful to see so many interested candidates.  It reinforces what I already know about the potential for our community’s progress!   Participate in supporting those that will directly impact the growth and evolution of our community.   I urge you to be involved, get informed and get out and vote.


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