Almost graduation time!

One of the more discreet programs that the Chamber runs is the Leadership Williston program.  It silently transpires over the course of 6 months using the community as a classroom.  It teaches leadership skills, develops awareness of issues and challenges facing our region, inspires participants to influence others, and motivates them to become involved in the community.

Although it may be more intimate in nature, having only 10-15 participants per year, it is still impactful.  Over a dozen influential people in the community arrange different days which inform the participants on various issues and topics specific to our economy.  Developed and implemented by the Leadership & Education Committee of the Chamber, the LW program’s history of developing leaders dates back over 20 years.  Along with the instructional part of the program, the participants each tackle a project.  They often identify a need or lack in the community or focus on something that may be near and dear to their heart.  Some past projects include:

  • Marketplace for Kids
  • Frisbee Golf at Spring Lake Park
  • Dog Park at Spring Lake Park
  • Junior Achievement
  • Little Muddy Recreation Area
  • Childcare at Good Shephard Lutheran Church
  • Keep Williston Clean
  • Lemonade Day
  • Williston Parks & Rec Trail System
  • Downtown Improvements
  • Numerous clothing drives, kid’s camps, walks/5K’s for various fundraising efforts

This is just to list a few!  There are many more projects, some lasting, some once and done, still others in progress or continued by others.  Yet, every single one has made an impact on this community.  The full list of alumni cannot be listed here either, but many alumni now sit on boards around town or have employment as executive directors and executive vice presidents.  Even a current City Commissioner can claim LW Alumni status!

At the Chamber, we are very proud of this program, its legacy, and its future.  Our Leadership Williston Alumni are influencing and advancing our community.  Consider attending the graduation at the end of this month to learn about some projects and how you can help.  Consider applying yourself or having one of your employees apply to the program next year.  While a significant time commitment, you are certain to receive a benefit for investing your time to complete the program.  Not to mention the value you provide the community – when you help others you inevitably help yourself as well! To learn more, you can visit our website and see some of last years projects.

It has been said that true success and leadership is about influencing others to achieve their own greatness.  I consider the Chamber’s Leadership Williston program a lasting success.  I look forward to being a part of honoring the newest alumni for their hard work and dedication to themselves and this community.


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