Official from the Mayor!

Last week, Mayor Klug proclaimed June 16, 2018 Lemonade Day Williston.  This will be the fourth year that kids in our community have been learning how to run a business through this fantastic program.  This year, we have another chance to empower our young entrepreneurs and teach life skills.  Additionally, we are excited about some changes which are sure to improve upon an already successful program.

  • Contests – a new judging method will be implemented for all participants. Contests include:
    • Entrepreneur of the Year
    • Best Stand
    • Best Tasting
  • Best Tasting will be judged on June 12th – participants will have a chance to practice their recipe before opening to the public. They also get a chance to present their business plan to the judges.
  • BBQ – the kids get to celebrate their success through the program and day of selling at a fun picnic on June 26th. Awards for the contests and prizes for many participants will be handed out at the BBQ.  A very special thanks to Williston Community Builders who have supported this program by providing the food and cooking for the BBQ each year.

More details on the program will follow as we get closer to Lemonade Day, but first, kids need to register!  Participants can start signing up for this free program on April 16th  – you stop by the Chamber or visit We will also have a booth at Kids Day Out April 21st at the UMV Fairgrounds.

The foremost objective of Lemonade Day is to inspire and educate our youth to become productive members of our society – the business leaders, social advocates, volunteers, and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow.  It is a wonderful community event that not only teaches our youth but develops our community.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to be involved before, I highly suggest you do this year!  Sign up your kid or sign up your business as a safe stand location and simply come out to support the entrepreneurs of our community.

As the Mayor said in his proclamation:  all residents of the greater Williston area can participate and have a role: either selling or buying lemonade on June 16, 2018.



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