Looking forward while remembering the past

They say you can’t change the past.  Look ahead.  Move forward.  And I agree.  However, every now and again, it is good to stop and look backward to see how far you have come.  Just a few short years ago, the Eagle Ridge golf course (Williston Country Club as it was called back then) was only a 9-hole course and one of the few places for fine dining in town but ended up in financial trouble.  Our 2014 Western Star Awardee, Dr. Salem Shahin, stepped in to help.  Dr. Shahin purchased the golf course and worked with the Corps of Engineers to turn it into an 18-hole golf course.  Additionally, at the time, there was a full-sized kitchen, but no one to run the restaurant.  He worked with potential clients and got a full-time chef in the restaurant.  This filled a big void for fine dining in Williston at the time.  This goes to prove again, the many people in this community who have stepped up to make it a better place – hence our long list of Western Star Awardees.  It’s why I love our awards banquet so much because we get to honor them and recognize their contributions.

This example also shows how far we as a city have come when it relates to the quality of life and what we have to offer our citizens.  In a town where there was only a handful of places to eat out, we now have an abundance of really great restaurants both fast food, for the quick meal or sit down places to enjoy a meal with friends or family.  We have chains and specialty restaurants in addition to the numerous caterers!  Our Chamber membership directory lists over 40 places to get food and that doesn’t include many of the bars in town.  This is where our annual Taste of Williston event came to exist.  It is a night where people from the community can come to one place and sample food from various restaurants and caterers in town.  Our local businesses will offer samples of their specialty food & drink items.

Our Taste of Williston event is a great way for them to gain exposure for their business, but also a great way for people in the community to see and ‘taste’ all that Williston currently has to offer!  I am still surprised when I talk to people in town and they do not realize that (for example) there is now an Italian restaurant in town – one that has been open for over a year!  This applies to people who have recently made Williston their home, but also for those who have been here for decades!  Williston has so much to offer in the sphere of dining, so make plans to attend our 2018 Taste of Williston.  Attendees get to vote for their favorite food/drink and there is a band for entertainment as well.  It falls near the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, when everyone is Irish for a day.  It is a fun and delicious night!  We look forward to seeing you there!



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