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Chamber Bucks – long history of supporting local businesses

Some of you may be more familiar with Chamber Bucks than others.  The Chamber has been using these for decades to support the local economy.  Chamber Bucks look like and are as good as cash to be spent at local Chamber member businesses.  They are a great way to encourage buying locally.  I have blogged and written about the importance of supporting our local businesses since I started with the Chamber, but I don’t think it is something I will ever stop doing.  It is what the Chamber will continue to promote and advocate for:  Supporting local businesses who support our way of life.  When you buy locally, more of each dollar you spend stays local.  It helps pay the wages of the cashier who helped you or is collected as local sales tax revenue and given back to the community to help schools, roads, police, firefighters, parks, and other parts of the Williston Area that you know and love.

Chamber Bucks

What better way to support this community than to utilize Chamber Bucks – they are like gift cards infused with love of our little part of the world!  With the holiday season fast approaching, think about your employees, your friends, your neighbors – give them Chamber Bucks as bonuses or Christmas gifts.  A gift of Chamber Bucks keeps giving back to our local community even after it is spent!   You are also supporting local Chamber member businesses.  When a business joins the Chamber, it shows they are committed to this community and that they care about the success of the local economy and the events and programs the Chamber provides.  Using Chamber Bucks is a way to say ‘thank you’ to these businesses.

And it’s so easy!  You can purchase Chamber Bucks by stopping by or contacting the Chamber.  After they are used, Chamber member businesses simply return the Chamber Bucks to the Chamber to be redeemed.   But I encourage you to think ahead!  Small Business Saturday is coming up next month.  November 25th this year is the day set aside especially for celebrating and supporting local businesses.  The very ones that you are accustomed to going to for your purchases.  Kick off the holiday shopping season right by getting your chamber bucks now!  Offer them as gifts this year and see how much stronger our community can become!



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