Back to School – Not just for kids…

After a long hot summer, it may seem too early to be getting ready for going back to school, but even the change in weather is indicating it is time.  As a kid, I usually wasn’t ready for summer to end, but shopping for supplies and new clothes (particularly picking out my first day of school outfit) again got me excited.  Back to school is a great time to shop local – check back to our coupon corner often to see good deals in town!

Back to school time shouldn’t be just for kids, college students, or even shopping however important those are.  It is a good time to reflect upon ourselves and/or our employees as well.  It’s always good to learn or have a refresher.  If you follow my blog you know I am a fan of always improving.  I feel this time of year just naturally lends to that.  Which is why we moved our Level Up Business Conference to September.  The Chamber’s conference provides inspirational speakers and hands on education to impact our professional lives.  While you should plan to attend (Save the Date – September 20th), we also understand that this yearly event does not always offer the flexibility for some work schedules nor specific skilled classes that you may need.  TrainND Northwest – the training arm of Williston State College is already well known for delivering instructor-led and online training programs year-round at its state of the art facilities.  Lifelong learning was considered imperative by the likes of Albert Einstein and Henry Ford.  We believe it crucial to success as well.  Which is why, instead of reinventing the wheel, the Chamber announced its innovative workforce development partnership back in December of 2016.


The Chamber Business Academy was born through this partnership with TrainND Northwest.  It allows Chamber member employees to upgrade their skills and improve professionally by registering for TrainND’s courses at a discount.  Classes such as computer software training, professional development, and leadership success are just some of the ones offered with this program.   Come the fall, it will be the 4th quarter chamber member employees are able to take advantage of this benefit.  As business owners in this market, you know the difficulty in finding and retaining good employees.  Giving them the skills they need to succeed and thrive helps create happy and productive employees.  Now more than ever is the right time to invest in your business by investing in yourself and your employees.  The Chamber is proud to be able to help – through the power of partnerships!

Starting in September, you can check the fall TrainND catalog for courses or call the Chamber 701-577-6000 for more information.  Discount applies only to Chamber members in good standing and Chamber members must mention their code when registering.

At age 87, Michelangelo said “I am still learning” May we all continue learning and improving.



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