Customer Service – Our 2017 LevelUP Focus

There should be a law against working while on vacation.  Yet, here I am doing just that.  It’s because last week, I had a great meeting with our LevelUP keynote speaker, Carol Ritter, while visiting family and friends in Pennsylvania.  She got me excited not only for her keynote on customer service, but with her ideas to make it a memorable experience.  She is a dynamic speaker who will motivate you and your employees and I can’t wait to bring her to ND next month.

Customer Service is pretty high on my priority of skills I look for in an employee and it is something I am constantly reminding my staff.  To get and keep a competitive edge, I truly believe that customer service is very important.  My own opinion is that 1. you need to treat everyone you come across daily as if they are the most important customer.  2. You need to be constantly evaluating how you are doing things and how you can improve.  But as business owners you simply cannot reach everyone so your employees need to be an extension of you.  Which is why the Chamber’s LevelUP conference will be so beneficial.  It has been said that it takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose one.  And on the flip side, Bill Gates has been quoted saying “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”  Plan to come to this year’s LevelUP to gain valuable insight and skills that will positively affect your business no matter what business it is!

I’m excited about the changes we’ve made to the Chamber’s LevelUP business conference.  First, we’ve changed it to half day because we know how busy everyone is.  Your time is important and we want you to get the most out of the conference yet, still get a half day’s work in as well.  We’ve picked a very important theme (customer service) but also complementing breakout sessions on networking, marketing and more that applies especially to our small businesses but really to anyone.  Plus, we have a fantastic line up, particularly our keynote, that will not disappoint.

So save the date – September 20th – and sign yourself and your employees up early!  Get excited to learn some new skills, improve, and possibly win some prizes – particularly if you are a 1st time attendee to the Chamber’s 3rd Annual LevelUP Business Conference.  Make sure you don’t miss out – for yourself and your business!



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