Mandatory! Please read to avoid potential penalties for your business…

Catchy title, I know.  I had to make sure I had your attention, but of course I want to make sure that your business does not incur any penalties and interest.  Last legislative session, House Bill 1296 was passed which requires electronic filing for ALL quarterly reports.  Additionally, the bill requires electronic payment of unemployment insurance taxes.  Previously, small businesses (less than 25 employees) were not required to file electronically, but come first quarter of 2018, it will be MANDATORY for EVERYONE.  Since over 70% of our members are small businesses, I thought the issue warranted a blog at the very least.

In the state of ND, by law, employers must pay unemployment insurance for their employees – regardless if their company is actually located in North Dakota.  As long as their employees are working here they must pay.  Job Service of North Dakota has information on how to file and pay your quarterly contribution reports and are encouraging you to begin filing electronically 3rd quarter of 2017.

As employers, you will need to register on the Job Service website on the UI Easy logo and register for a state of North Dakota login and password if you don’t already have one.  Once you file electronically, you will be prompted to pay electronically…hopefully, getting this information out to you early, will help you avoid the potential of penalties and interest.

There is helpful information on their website and you can contact the Williston Job Service Field Representative Lacey Durden.



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