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Mandatory! Please read to avoid potential penalties for your business…

Catchy title, I know.  I had to make sure I had your attention, but of course I want to make sure that your business does not incur any penalties and interest.  Last legislative session, House Bill 1296 was passed which requires electronic filing for ALL quarterly reports.  Additionally, the bill requires electronic payment of unemployment insurance taxes.  Previously, small businesses (less than 25 employees) were not required to file electronically, but come first quarter of 2018, it will be MANDATORY for EVERYONE.  Since over 70% of our members are small businesses, I thought the issue warranted a blog at the very least.

In the state of ND, by law, employers must pay unemployment insurance for their employees – regardless if their company is actually located in North Dakota.  As long as their employees are working here they must pay.  Job Service of North Dakota has information on how to file and pay your quarterly contribution reports and are encouraging you to begin filing electronically 3rd quarter of 2017.

As employers, you will need to register on the Job Service website on the UI Easy logo and register for a state of North Dakota login and password if you don’t already have one.  Once you file electronically, you will be prompted to pay electronically…hopefully, getting this information out to you early, will help you avoid the potential of penalties and interest.

There is helpful information on their website and you can contact the Williston Job Service Field Representative Lacey Durden.


Reflections on my first year

Three hundred sixty-five days ago today was my first day on the job here at the Chamber.  Yesterday, I was all ready to blog about how the Chamber is advocating and promoting this already vibrant business community but the fire last night took the wind out of my sails.  For those who have lived here longer than I it probably felt even more like a punch in the gut.  The loss of something so iconic and dear to the community will be hard to overcome.

Still I know that, eventually, it will be ok.  Because after a year of getting to know more of the business owners, employees, and citizens of this community I am confident in that.  There is a lot of wonderful people living and working here who selflessly donate their time, talents, and treasures to those in need.  It is a great joy for me to be able to promote that – not only to our area, but to the entire state.

There are so many great things happening in the Williston Area.   Your membership in the Chamber helps us to support, promote, and grow this business community.  The Chamber exists to help connect you, advocate for you, provide education and business development options, and promote you.  There is strength in numbers.  The bigger we grow the stronger we become and that’s why we developed our Member Referral Program.  It’s important that we are all united and working toward the same end…a strong community.

Of course, there will always be struggles, challenges, and changes along the way.  But being a part of something as wonderful as this community makes it all worthwhile because you know your community will be behind you.

It has been a privilege to work for you, our members.  My goal when I first started last year was to get out and meet ALL the members.  One year into it, I haven’t reached my goal….YET.  It is still my goal.  I care about all of you and your businesses and I look forward to meeting those I haven’t yet.   The Chamber exists for you and I’m grateful to be working on your behalf!



It’s a tagline that got stuck in my head when our retail committee started meeting last fall.  To me, it encompasses the Chamber’s mission of being the champion of our united business community and is inclusive to all businesses in the Williston Area.

Now, whether or not anyone uses the tagline except for me is another story.  But know that it is always in the back of my mind.  I hope it can be for you too.  Last fall I wrote a blog about shopping local.  I almost want to re-blog it because it is still true.  Supporting local businesses that employ your neighbor and give back to the community should be our focus.  By supporting local businesses, you create a stronger community.  You have the choice.  Just like Explosive Enterprises owners Adam Natwick and Simon Fisher who chose to donate fireworks so that the people living and working in Williston Area could celebrate our country’s Independence Day with the proper excitement.  It displays what I already know about the businesses in this community – they care.  Who wouldn’t want to support that?

This weekend is our big Rockin Ribfest event – I hope you come out to it.  We partnered this year with members Patriot Productions and Black Magic Harley Davidson along with countless sponsors to create an even bigger event for the community.  In conjunction, area retailers have collaborated to have a clearance event.  I hope you take advantage of the sales and support the local businesses.  I hope that you took my suggestion the other day and supported those businesses being affected by the US 2 road closure – particularly those on Reiger Dr. even if it is a little inconvenient.  And I hope that you think twice about what you purchase and decide to purchase it here.

This community has grown so much over the recent past years.  I’d venture to say that there are many new shops and businesses out there that you aren’t even aware of – or ones that have expanded to offer you more.  You can always check out our member directory online or refer to the retail map that went out in the Herald.  It’s important to patronize our local businesses.  The more you do, the more you’ll see your community flourish.


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