I am a big fan of Donald Trump’s campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’.  Not because America ever ceased to be great, but because it recognizes a divided county and moreover recognizes that with unified Americans working together we can certainly become greater.  The thing to realize is that if we put in the daily effort, each of us can learn, grow, and become greater.  Asking what else can I do; how can I improve myself and my community will take you to places beyond what you imagined.

One real tangible way to accomplish this is through the Chamber’s Leadership Williston Program.  I briefly mentioned it in my last column but it’s long history is noteworthy enough to warrant more explanation.  For over 20 years, it has shaped not only those who joined the program, but our community and region as well.  Over 170 individuals have been affected by this program and in turn affected countless others.   In a historically ag driven economy, Williston knows how to plan, nurture, and harvest a crop.  The Leadership program proves we can do this with more than wheat.  Most alumni of the program now hold leadership positions in their jobs and in the community.  Many are active on important boards.  They are doing their part to shape our influential part of the world.  Leadership graduates understand when you help others, you better yourself.

There is nothing worth achieving without sacrifice and the Leadership Williston program requires a significant commitment from not only themselves but their employers as well.  The really good news is that Williston employers have consistently shown they understand the bottom line value to dealership development.  The program, open to all, consists of 13 sessions from October through April, as participants learn the ins and outs of our community in a hands-on way.  Each participant is required to complete a service project.  Past projects such as Downtown Beautification, Frisbee Golf course and Dog park at Spring Lake Park, and Marketplace for Kids are still being utilized today!  It’s like the pay it forward concept.  It can’t help but breed progress.  It’s a fantastic program – I encourage you to consider it or if you are an alumnus of the program – encourage someone around you to apply.  Don’t just take my word for it – it’s fairly easy to find a graduate of the program to ask them how they were impacted.  You can always contact the Chamber with any questions.  Applications for the program will be available next month.  My only regret is that we cannot allow more people in each year.

“Good Leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people.”  John D. Rockefeller

Our community is what we make of it.  Let’s make our community not just great – but superior.



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