Veteran’s Assistance Funds

One of the long-standing committees of the chamber has been the Military Affairs Committee (MAC).  This committee works to assist local military and veterans’ organizations to recognize and respect our military heritage in Northwest North Dakota.  The MAC actively supports local veterans, military, their families, the businesses that employ them, and the communities in which they live and work.  Yearly, they host events and projects throughout the year:  golf tournament, Patriot Award at our Annual Banquet, the Avenue of Flags, Veteran’s Day programs and more.

Like those who serve or have served in the military, the committee (consisting mostly of veterans themselves) labor to assist those who have selflessly served this country.  One of these lesser known ways is through the Veteran’s Assistance Funds.  Thanks to generous sponsors like the Williston Basin Chapter API and Red River Supply, veterans in need of help can come to the Williams County office and request gift cards for meals, gas, and other needs.  The committee works to ensure there is much support for our veterans – especially the homeless vets.  MAC has seen a downturn in requests for funds, but that does not mean the need has gone down.  There are many people out there that do not know what is available to them.  Like Red River Supply, there are also many veteran friendly businesses and veteran owned businesses in this community.  Thanks to Jim Swartout, owner of ND Flagpole Guy, each Lemonade Stand this year will proudly display the American flag.  This is just one example.   To all those businesses, to the committee members, and to all veterans – a sincere Thank You.  You make the world and our community a safer and better place and for that we are grateful.

Please help us spread the word on what the Military Affairs Committee is doing and contact the Chamber to contribute to the cause.



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