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2017 Rockin’ Ribfest – classic, yet new and improved

Rockin'_Ribfest_logo_CMIK_gorOur Ribfest, just like the Chamber itself, has seen many transitions.  It started as a Blast and was located downtown, then due to various reasons the location and even the event itself has changed over the years.  This year will be no different.  The programs and services committee and staff took feedback from both rib teams and attendees of the past years to really determine the best way to execute this event for all.  But I assure you the changes will be welcomed.

First, we decided to switch it back to a Saturday.  This will allow for more rib teams and for more attendees than during the work week.  Second, we decided to look back to our Blast Era days to really make it a community wide event and one for the whole family.   Third, we collaborated with a fellow chamber member business, Patriot Productions, to help us take the event to the next level.  We are proud to say that this event will be Rockin’ for two days – located at another chamber member business – Black Magic Harley-Davidson!  There will be a Monster Truck show, a car & bike exhibition the Friday night before (July 7th) and live music.  Then early morning, Saturday, July 8th the rib teams will begin cooking.  Shortly after that plan to come by with the whole family and stay for all the activities.  The car & bike exhibition will still be there, along with a pit party and a chance for Monster Truck ride alongs, kid’s activities and more.  The Rib tasting and judging will be late afternoon, then monster truck show, and more live music from Slamabama!

More information will be forthcoming as the committee continues to work on details…but rest assured it will be a Ribfest to remember!  Contact the chamber today to have a rib team or to be a sponsor.  There will literally be something for everyone:  every business, every community member.  It illustrates our strengths as a united business community.   Businesses coming together for a great way to network with your fellow employees but also for anyone and everyone to taste the ribs and spend a day enjoying family friendly entertainment.

So mark July 7th/8th on your calendars as a must not miss event!



Registration is Open!

Yesterday, the Lemonade Day flyer came home in my son’s backpack. Although I knew it was coming, it was still fun to see my son so excited about it…even more so because it happens to transpire on his birthday!  I guess we will have to plan his party for the weekend before.

Two months ago, I blogged about the Lemonade Day program and fostering the young entrepreneur and more recently, DAWA Solutions blogged about it as well.  If you follow our Facebook page, you’ll see that Mayor Klug proclaimed June 17th, 2017 as Williston Lemonade Day this past month.  This national program brought to our area for the 3rd year in a row offers opportunities for families and businesses – the whole community in fact – to foster the kind of foundation our youth need to become successful citizens.  It is a fantastic, hands-on educational program and I am truly excited to be involved this year.

This week marked opening of registration – it is free!!  It can be done online or in person at the Chamber or any of the following registration events:

April 22nd at the Raymond Center – Kids Day out (10am-2pm)

May 6th at the Arc (10am-2pm)

May 13th at Band Day (10 am-4pm)

June 3rd at the Arc (10am-2pm)

If you register online, you can simply pick up your backpacks at the chamber or the above events.

Lemonade Day Backpack for blog

Thanks to the generosity of many area businesses even the backpacks and materials are free.  Some businesses can help by offering their business as a safe stand location (we are still looking for more – contact Bekka  if you are interested).   The event is also fueled by the many volunteers on our Leadership and Education committee, the Williston Young Professionals and of course our chamber staff.    Like the old saying goes, it takes a whole village to raise a child:  join in on the community fun this summer.  There is a way for all to be involved – especially taste testing lemonade.

We already signed Dean up!  Come by the Chamber on June 17th to see us!


The Way Things Are Done

“We’ve always done it that way” is like nails on a chalkboard for me. Some people consider this phrase dangerous, I just think it’s nonsensical.  There are many other ways to admit why you are doing something a certain way.  You could say ‘this is the way I was shown’, or ‘this is how I think it should be done’ or ‘I’m comfortable this way’ or even ‘it’s easier this way’.  But just be honest.

Why do people consider the phrase dangerous?  Maybe because if you aren’t thinking about WHY you are doing something you are missing out on a chance to improve.  Why would you be doing something without thinking anyway?  Just because something is done one way, does not mean it HAS to be done that way.  Maybe there is a better way?  Maybe it doesn’t need to be done at all.  Like my 5-year-old I like to ask the question: why?  Why ARE you doing what you are doing?

Life is fast paced and people are busy.  If there is a better, faster way of doing things, I try to find it, because honestly, there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all that could be done.  I like efficiency.  I like honesty.  I like improvement.  So, I think we need to be picky.  And I need to be open to changing the way we do things.  We need to improve.  I know, I just blogged last week about change.  People resist change.  Granted, sometimes things don’t need to change.  There are some very time tested things that work.  I find myself quoting my parents to my children: “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” (thanks mom!).  She probably got those same quotes from their parents.  They hold true and work.  Which is why we use them.  But we still need to ask the why question.  Because if we don’t and if we and our employees go through our work days with the “we’ve always done it this way” attitude we will not achieve anything.  We will not improve.

Winston Churchill said “the Pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity.  The Optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”  I consider myself an optimist.  And I consider most days provide an opportunity to improve.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Even mistakes help teach you a lesson if you are open to seeing it.

Stay Positive.  Work Hard.  Make it (whatever that it is for you) happen.  Your business will thank you.


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