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Last Chance!

business-directory1If you’re like me, you take a lot of photos with your phone…have you gotten one that just absolutely captures the beauty of Northwest North Dakota and the Williston Area?  SEND it to us!! – you can submit your photo to our 2017 Chamber Business Directory photo contest.  If selected, your photograph will grace the cover of our 2017 Directory!  Maybe you are already a photographer in the Williston Camera Club or maybe you just use your phone like me.  Either way, I bet you have a photo to submit!  Deadline is November 4th at 3pm.

Our 2017 Chamber Business directory is close to production: this is your last chance to advertise your business! The directory is circulated with members and around town.  It is a resource for businesses in town.  But it also has information on the City, the County, the Chamber, the Community, and more!   If you missed out on the chance to advertise last year, make sure you don’t miss out again – call 701-577-6000 by November 4th.


Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Community, Chamber of Opportunity

The Williston Area Chamber endeavors to bring the business community together.  Your investment in the Chamber affords us the time and effort needed to promote and advocate for the business community and your membership has its benefits.

Are you taking advantage of all that Chamber membership offers you?  From over half a dozen larger events each year, to our monthly networking nights, we work to create opportunities for you, our members, to develop strong local networks, which can result in actual business-to-business exchange.  The Chamber – where connections happen!  It’s not just a cute saying on the back of our business cards (although you can find it there!).  It’s at the core of our mission – the champion of Williston’s United Business Community.  The Chamber has some opportunity for everyone – marketing, networking, promoting, resources.   Have you found your chamber niche yet?  Check out our Chamber website to find the best thing for you or your business.  Use our member directory to find an area business that offers just want you may need.  Be informed by our weekly and bi-monthly member to member newsletters.  Advertise your business, submit a photo for our 2017 business directory, sponsor an event, participate on a committee, or attend a ribbon cutting or any event listed on our calendar.  Stay connected with the Chamber and you inevitably help yourself!  If we don’t have something for you, speak up!  I hope to see you out this Thursday at our business after hours and hear your feedback.

But it’s not just what can we do for you – it’s what can we do together.  Where can we partner?  How can we best benefit our businesses?   The Chamber is already working hard for you – and we’re always looking to improve.


#WillistonChamber #WillistonWide

Unified for Growth

DSC_0141.JPGYesterday afternoon city, county, and state wide leaders all gathered around a piece of land in Williams County to commemorate the unified efforts of countless people to bring a regional airport to the Williston Area.  Even though you were slightly cold (ok almost freezing) hanging outside in a field on a very crisp windy day in Northwest North Dakota, you couldn’t help but feel the warmth of all those involved.

Our current mayor, Howard Klug, thanked numerous people in seeing this project to fruition, including past mayor Ward Koeser and state officials.  Governor Dalrymple, Senators Heitkamp and Hoeven, and Congressman Cramer all spoke to the importance of all entities working together for a project of this magnitude.  This is a turning point in our area’s growth.  Our neighbors to the south in Watford City and to the east in Tioga were there to celebrate as well.  Come 2018, when the project really gets underway there is no doubt in my mind it will bring so much to our area – jobs to build it, jobs to run it.  Numerous opportunities for current and future businesses and for our community.

The comradery between state, county, and city leaders was apparent.  But they don’t do this in a vacuum – they want and need the community’s input.  Further, these leaders are elected.   What’s great about our county and our democracy is that we have the privilege to vote.  Elect those locally that share your vision for the community and the region.  This Friday, the Chamber will host a candidate forum for those running for the District 2 County Commission seat.  Projects like the new airport will fall directly in the commission’s lap.  How will they work with the city on this?  How well do they partner?   Come to the forum to educate yourself on which candidate you feel would best serve our area.

You may not have been able to make the ground breaking, or maybe you’re not able to make a city commission meeting regarding the sign ordinance.  But guaranteed the Chamber is.  We are there for you – attending and advocating on your behalf.  As ‘The Champion of the Williston Area’s United Business Community’ we represent you and keep you informed on what is happening.  With all the growth in our community the city and county aren’t just stopping at a new airport.  Plans for the old airport are in the works.  And they have a comprehensive regional plan update that is in a public draft and comment stage.  See our newsroom for more information for public comment in November.

Stay informed.  Stay involved.  Come back to the Chamber website often – visit our newsroom section, blog, and calendar for more information not listed in our newsletter.  The Chamber is proud to partner with other entities to promote prosperity in Northwest North Dakota and to provide opportunities for you and your business.


Shop Williston Wide

About a month ago, I wrote about the importance of shopping local, if you haven’t read it, I hope that you go back and check it out.  And that you tell your friends.  Shopping in Williston isn’t like just going to a mall, but that shouldn’t stop you!  There are several different places to go…and along the way you may find other things to stop by and see.  To make it easier, particularly for those new to the area, the Chamber is coming out with a special map.  Partnering with Williston Economic Development, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Williston Downtowners Association we plan to arm shoppers with a handy tool that lists all the shopping available to you in the Williston Area.

We also plan to have a Chamber Coupon Corner on our website that our businesses can list their sales and/or coupons that customers can use.   As a Chamber member, your retail store is guaranteed to be listed on our map and working with our partners we plan to have as much listed as possible to direct people to where in Williston they can get what they need!

Like I said before, uniting our efforts to better serve you is a win for business, a win for the consumer, and a win for all.  This is a great community and we have the power to make it even greater!  Shop Williston Wide to make Williston Strong.

Keep an eye out for our retail map – out in your hands and at businesses by the holiday season!

As always, contact us if you have questions.


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