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Rich Community

When you hear ‘non-profit’, you may not think of the word rich in the same sentence.  But if you consider all our non-profit organizations, you will see that we are indeed rich here in the Williston Area!  The Chamber is hosting an expo this weekend to showcase our rich community.   Come check it out for yourself – get connected with all the opportunity and organizations in our community.   Over 30 of our local nonprofit organizations will be available to you and your family throughout the day.  And what better place to host it than the National Guard Armory Gym!  To know that we have the proud legacy of the North Dakota Army National Guard right here in Williston makes us even richer – and safer!

I was lucky enough to be offered a chance to ride in a BlackHawk helicopter and tour Camp Grafton’s Regional Training Institute (RTI).   The ND Army National Guard is here to 14317371_10210751330599814_7775509508764765846_nprotect our state with disaster relief during state emergencies and to support the Army during a national emergency.  But that’s not all.  The RTI which was built at the Camp in 2010 has state of the art technology and over 12 classrooms.  They train how to be a soldier and vocation training through virtual training experiences and hands on learning.  I was surprised to see the soil lab, general construction and concrete labs for learning trades, and hear about even more in depth education such as engineering, electrical, plumbing, etc.!  I am grateful that SGT David Passmore offered me that experience so that I could let others know about it.  Although he couldn’t offer a 160 mph ride at 1,000 feet to Devil’s Lake, ND to everyone, he will be at the EXPO so that you can learn more.  The same is true of the other 34 organizations.

So come out on Saturday to the New Armory anytime from 9am-4pm.   Educate yourself on how rich and exciting our community is!  I bet you won’t walk away without being proud of our community and without some new information to know, remember, and share with others.  You will have the opportunity to help support these organizations as they support the community.


Keep Williston Strong – Shop local

If you’re like most people, you are shopping for the best deal.  And most people who have been here awhile may be used to traveling to other cities to shop…but did you know that the more you do that, the more you will HAVE to do that?  As a shopper you have buying power.  Literally.  When you shop local, your money stays local.  It supports your friends and neighbors who work at those stores.  It allows those businesses to support you:  then they can sponsor your child’s sporting team or donate to your Uncle’s cancer benefit.

The retail market is fierce.  Retailers compete on a global market now…compete with brand recognition, locations, brick and mortar, online, and more.  Williston retailers compete like other businesses, but they also compete with a general mindset that a few hours drive East has more and better.  Or the mindset that via online, you can save $5 and you don’t have to pay tax!  But those tax dollars, if purchased local, go to the firefighters putting out your fires and the policeman’s wages keeping you safe.  They go to fix the roads on your commute to work or restructure an intersection for better traffic flow.  Those tax dollars affect your property value as a local resident.  Can the business you go to east of Williston offer you that or do they just offer a door to walk through?

When Williston area retail and businesses are strong, we are all strong.  You can help keep our community and all that we have functioning and growing.  You can be apart of the reason we get more parks, better hospitals, community art centers or more!  You have the buying power!

The Williston Area Chamber is collaborating with retailers and city and county entities to help learn what customers are looking for and how retailers can improve.  We are heading the effort to unite our energies and pool our resources to better serve you.   Contact us if you have ideas or as a retailer want to be included in our plans.


It’s a win for business, a win for the consumer, and a win for the community.   So change your mindset!  The next time you look to make a purchase – look here!!  Check out the Chamber’s business directory…keep an eye out for what our retailers will be offering you.

Shop small. Shop local. Shop Williston!

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