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Same Mission

Chambers have always been a part of business communities…they may take different structural forms, they may have a slightly different focus, but they all have a common mission.  They start with a handful of people who want to make a difference in their businesses and their communities.   They advocate for business interests, promote prosperity for those businesses and the general welfare of the area.   They invite members to join and invest in their businesses and the community.  The Chamber is where connections happen.

Our Chamber began as the Williston Community Club and changed its name to the Williston Chamber of Commerce in 1939.  While the chamber has seen many more changes than just its name, I believe our mission still holds true:  the Champion of the Williston Area United Business Community.  More specifically to: 388

Connect:  our businesses

Engage:  our employees

Grow: our membership

Lead: our community

My first few weeks on the job have been both exciting and overwhelming.   Maybe I’m excited because I am back at a Chamber…I remember so very fondly, my time at the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce in Pennsylvania – I still stay connected to the many people I met and worked with there.  I’m excited because now I get a chance to build those same relationships here.  I am excited to be involved with the many programs and services that benefit our members!   I am excited to keep improving on the path that the board of directors and past leadership has charted for the Williston Area.  I am excited to be a part of the strategic planning for the Chamber.  I am excited about the possibilities to collaborate and strengthen partnerships with so many other wonderful organizations in our community.   I am also overwhelmed.  I am overwhelmed at the dedication and hard work of the staff and volunteers who are the heart of the chamber.  I am overwhelmed at the numerous opportunities that have been created and those that we have yet to create.  I am overwhelmed at the generosity of the people who work hard to make this community a great place to live and work!  I am overwhelmed at the genuine kindness of those I have met so far – that kindness is what made me fall in love with North Dakota in the first place.

As I continue on the weeks ahead, I invite any and all feedback from our members…stop by, call or email me.  Keep an eye out for all the great things you are used to as well as the new things to come… I trust that I’ll continue to be excited and overwhelmed.

Now is the perfect opportunity to continue to carry out our mission – with passion!  Are you ready?


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